Ulrich Hermann | Product manager | Hydraulic Forging Presses

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Oliver Buck | Project manager | Hydraulic Forging Presses

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Telefax +49 (0)7123 41231
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Quality is strength

At our company developers and engineers work together in interdisciplinary teams ensuring that based on the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components, well thought-out, harmonious overall concepts are produced for the main and ancillary units of our forging plants.

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> Open die forging presses
> Closed die forging presses
> Special presses
> Oil-hydraulic drives for forging presses
> Water-hydraulic drives for forging presses
> Press control systems
> Forging manipulators
> Ancillary units and accessories

Reference customers

  • Brazil: Villares Metals
  • China: Baoti, CITIC Heavy Industries, Nanjing Develop, Norheinco, Tong Di
  • France: Creusot Forge
  • Germany: Buderus Edelstahl, Otto Fuchs, Technische Universität Freiberg
  • Russia: VSMPO
  • Sweden: Mefos
  • USA: Union Electric, Weber Metals
  • and many more

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Open-die forging press commissioned at CHW Forge in Ghaziabad, near Delhi

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After a long tendering phase Wepuko PAHNKE succeeded in winning the bidding against worldwide competition for a project in China. The contract includes the entire press system for the world’s prospectively largest top floor open die forging press (TFP) with a press force of 200MN, generated by a hydraulic drive system with an installed power of 12,000 kW. In the modern, energy efficient PAHNKE Modified Sinusoidal Direct drive (PMSD), 20 advanced and durable radial piston pumps of the...

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185 MN press produces first forging at CITIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD, China.

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