DPX 105 high-pressure plunger pump

DPX 100 series
Extremely compact
high-pressure plunger pump

DP 200 series
High-pressure plunger pump

DP 400 series
High-pressure plunger pump

DP 500 series
High-pressure plunger pump
for large volume flows

Lars Rothaug | Head of sales - pumps

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Pump units

You can acquire our pumps not only as individual units but also as complete assemblies from a single source. Our extensive experience plays a major role here. We assemble the main assemblies according to customer requirements. We tailor our equipment to meet the local conditions and the needs of our customers.

In the standard version the main components of triplex plunger pump, transmission and motor are installed side by side on one level with the couplings in between. This provides easy access for maintenance and repair.

Compact version of the pump unit DP 212.

We also supply a compact version with an extremely space-saving layout. In this version the drive motor is mounted directly on the pump and connected by a vertical transmission. The design of this unit is unique. We also offer a wide range of accessories, such as pulsation dampeners, circulation units and safety devices, as well as  electronic monitoring and electric controls.

Sample pump units

DP 212 pump skid for press drives
DP 207 pump skid for descaling copper
Dual DP 207 pump skid
DP 405 pump skid for morgoil
DP 205 pump skid in compact design for cleaning and deburring.

Reference customers

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