Close to the market: Research and development

What does the market need? This question excites the developers at Wepuko PAHNKE. Their work involves creating solutions for special customer requirements and opening up new fields of application. Research and development, design and the entire production are located in Metzingen. This means all our competency is consolidated on one site.

Innovation on-site

Research and development is of high priority for us. This is the only way to achieve our goal: Reliable, sturdy and precise machinery.

Wepuko PAHNKE GmbH combines the knowledge and experience of two great companies: the history of Wepuko with over 80 years of experience with high-pressure plunger pumps and the history of PAHNKE Engineering with over 40 years of experience with hydraulic forging presses. The development team also benefits from the short and quick communication channels at the headquarters, when dealing with the challenges of tomorrow. 

Presses and pumps are developed separately due to their product-specific properties. Never the less we focus on an intensive exchange of ideas and concepts between the departments. The result: coherent, optimized solutions for our customers. 

All of our test and development take place at our site in Metzingen. This is how we protect our unique knowledge and save time.

Quality standards

Our presses and pumps fulfill extreme requirements when it comes to load capacity and reliability. Many of our products are custom-made, designed precisely to fit the requirements of the customer. 

For our prototypes and small series the planning and simulation phase is key. At Wepuko PAHNKE, we constantly reinvent our products for the needs of our customers. 

Even small changes, for example in the dimensions, often have major effects on the occurring forces and material stresses. With fluid flow in complex geometries, avoiding cavitation is essential. 

Virtual development processes are increasingly gaining importance; they secure high quality with short development times. They offer our customers transparency and security: In many cases, our customers actually receive an initial feasibility study and test calculations with their offer. 

It goes without saying; our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

Development with FEM

In order for the development to lead quickly and efficiently to a result, we use the latest simulation tools, the FEM (finite element method) to analyze mechanical stability and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to inspect the fluid mechanics of components. 

This allows us to calculate the mechanical and fluidic properties of individual components from the very first design step, to an optimized final design, leading to a highly efficient product. 

Our test bench subjects the end product to an extensive test procedure allowing us to guarantee the requested product properties and total customer satisfaction.