Viewing beyond the horizon

Giving back to the society a part of what it has allowed us goes without saying for us. That's why we also pursue a fair and successful cooperation outside our premises and our working hours in many different ways!

Our products and production processes are aligned with the strictest environmental guidelines. Sustainability is supporting the entire lifecycle of our products.

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The heart of the company: the employees

Employee satisfaction and family friendliness are very important to us. No wonder several generations of a family often work side by side at Wepuko PAHNKE.

For years, we have been recognized as one of the best employers among the German medium-sized companies. The Top Job seal is based on good evaluations by our own staff.

On our premises in Metzingen there is a child care facility and a small park. In our buildings we offer our employees several leisure facilities such as a recreation room for example.

Environmental protection concerns every employee

Prerequisite for the preservation of our livelihoods and well-being of future generations is consistently practical environmental protection. Compliance with applicable environmental regulations is a matter of course and duty for each of us. Every manager needs to consider possible environmental impacts in their decisions and motivating employees to do the same in their daily work.

Effective environmental protection requires awareness and increased knowledge

Through regular training and notices our employees know about the environmental aspects of their activities on it. We closely cooperate with the competent authorities and continuously collect information on all topics that are relevant to environmental protection. We regularly assess our current and planned activities in order to limit or eliminate any hazards or unnecessary environmental impact.

We want to constantly improve our products and production processes in order to protect the environment

We question systematically our existing and newly developed products and manufacturing processes, whether we can achieve the desired result and use less resources (energy, water, raw materials etc.), emissions and waste. Therefore we use the best available technology, provided it is economically justifiable. When purchasing environmentally friendly process-oriented raw materials and, third-party services, goods, equipment and systems we work closely with suppliers and customers.

Our goal is in our decisions to take into account the current ecological knowledge in addition to cost and to advise our customers to use environmentally friendly products