Forging presses with energy-efficient drives

We design, develop and construct each forging press with energy-efficient hydraulic drives and electronic controls for manual or automatic operation according to the individual specifications, requirements and needs of our customers.

New plants forging technology

  • Hydraulic open-die forging presses 5-200MN
  • Hydraulic closed-die forging presses 5-500MN
  • Hydraulic special presses (piercing, upsetting, straightening and multifunction presses)

Energy-efficient and low-maintenance oil-hydraulic and water-hydraulic drives up to 1000bar working pressure with pumps of our own design and manufacture.

Each of our presses is a custom-made product, adapted to the customer's needs. The customer gets exactly what he needs and does not pay for what he does not need. Designed Pahnke free-form presses range from 5 MN to 200 MN and die presses from 20MN to 350 MN, but there are no fixed upper and lower limits for our forging presses, neither in terms of pressing force nor in terms of dimensions.

We realise all possible configurations and, due to our many years of expertise as a special machine builder, also new developments and innovations, often in cooperation with our customers.

As early as the 1950s, Hans-Joachim Pahnke developed revolutionary new concepts for the construction of open-die presses. As early as 1956 he built the first two-column underfloor press for open-die forging. Imitators were very quickly found among the major press manufacturers in the world. In the course of the 1960s, Hans Pahnke improved his presses with a completely new frame concept.


Welcome to the pioneer

For more than 50 years, the name PAHNKE has been known worldwide for the most efficient, precise and high-quality hydraulic forging presses.


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In 1973, Hans-Joachim founded his press company, PAHNKE Engineering. In 1975, he developed a just as revolutionary hydraulic drive principle for presses, the PAHNKE Modified Sinusoidal Direct drive (PMSD). Even today, this system remains unsurpassed in regard to precision and performance with, at the same time, low maintenance costs and extremely affordable power consumption.

In 1996, the Pahnke family took over Wepuko Hydraulik, the supplier of the excellent radial piston pumps for the PMSD. In 2002, PAHNKE's press construction merged with the pump business of Wepuko. It fills us with pride that, we have successfully been able to continue the tradition and worldwide recognition for PAHNKE products created by Hans-Joachim Pahnke.