The whole spectrum of metal processing

Where the highest strength and toughness is required, forged metal is used.
With hydraulic presses from Wepuko PAHNKE you are at the forefront of development.

Steel bars and slabs

The most common forged products, both for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, are rods in round, square or rectangular shape. PAHNKE supplies highly efficient, fast and fully automated forging lines for this purpose.

Rollers and shafts

For the production of rollers and shafts, the high precision and the fast, shock-free operation of the PAHNKE forging presses are valued features.

Rings, discs, and special shapes

With the PMSD, which can be very precisely controlled, rings, discs, and special shapes can be manufactured with ease using both manual and semiautomatic operation.

Large die-forged parts

Large hydraulic closed die forging presses create parts made of aluminum or titanium that are practically ready to install.
Products manufactured on our presses are used worldwide in the construction of large aircraft and jet engines.

Valve bodies

Our multi-cylinder presses are specialized for the production of valve bodies, valve blocks, and similar formed steel parts made of high-alloy metals. Customers include the oil and gas industries, particularly for offshore or deep-sea applications.