Accepting challenges: new and further development in all industry sectors

Satisfied customers of PAHNKE forging plants can be found in all sectors of the metal-forming industry. This includes both the production of forging products in ferrous metals and alloys and the processing of non-ferrous metals.

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> Steel industry
> Titanium alloys and superalloys
> Light metal industry

Steel industry

In the steel industry, PAHNKE forging presses process products from simple construction steels to the highest alloyed metals. These products include roller bearing steels, low-temperature steels, heat-resistant steels, and, in particular, corrosion-resistant steels. Many forgings from the steel industry are also used in power plants, ship construction, or on- and offshore applications.

Titanium alloys and superalloys

An important area for forgings processed on hydraulic presses are products made from titanium alloys and super alloys. In the future, this sector will become even more important.

All over the world, numerous manufacturers create products from these materials using PAHNKE forging presses.

PAHNKE hydraulic presses used for production of titanium and super alloy forgings range from 6,3 MN to 100 MN for open die forging and from 20 MN to 500 MN for closed die forging.

Light metal industry

Even in the case of light metals, the properties of forged products, such as those made of aluminum or magnesium and their alloys, are becoming increasingly popular since considerably higher demands can be met with less material expense.

Here, our forging machines function to some extent as preforming units (open die presses). Most frequently, however, they are used as closed die forging presses for vehicle parts or large forgings for aircraft construction.