A speciality of Wepuko PAHNKE – the PMSD drive

PMSD stands for PAHNKE Modified Sinusoidal Direct drive. This is a specialty in the field of press drives, developed by PAHNKE Engineering in accordance with plans from Hans-Joachim Pahnke.

This drive does not need any valves for the control of the press movement, but works with the quicklycontrollable Wepuko PAHNKE RX-series high-pressure pumps to be able to determine the force, the speed, and the direction of movement of the press. This drive system is characterised by a particularly smooth operation (free of shocks) and thus extreme reliability, not least because the pumps in this equipment last for at least 30,000, sometimes much more than 50,000 hours of operation without needing repair.

Another elementary advantage is the fact that this drive system needs considerably less energy than any comparable drive. The energy saving can be between 20 % and 30 %, depending on the design, in comparison to other oil-hydraulic drives and up to more than 60 % in comparison to waterhydraulic
drives. All of the new presses mentioned above with hydraulic drives have a drive in accordance with the PMSD principle.

The core criteria of the PMSD drive:

  • Particularly smooth operation ( shock-free motion)

  • extremely high reliability (at least 30,000, sometimes well over 50,000 operating hours without repair)

  • Energy savings of up to over 60% compared to water hydraulic drives and between 20% and 30% compared to other oil hydraulic drives

Our most powerful hydraulic system to date

Based on the PMSD drive, we designed and supplied the 42-pump drive (RX 500), the most powerful hydraulic system in the world. With an installed capacity of 30 MW it operates a 360 MN steel extrusion press combined with a 150 MN pre-forming press at Norheinco, China.