The PMSD Drive - Our Specialty

The PAHNKE Modified Sine Direct Drive (PMSD drive) is a specialty developed by us in the field of press drives.


This drive does not require any directional valves for the control of the press movement, but works with fast controllable high pressure pumps of the Wepuko PAHNKE RX series to control the directional movement of the press, as well as infinitely variable speed and also the press force. This drive system is characterized by particularly smooth running (shock-free) and thus extremely high reliability, especially since the pumps in these systems can withstand at least 30,000, in some cases well over 50,000 operating hours without repair.

Another elementary advantage is the fact that this drive system requires significantly less energy than all comparable drives. The energy savings can be between 20% and 30%, depending on the design, compared to other oil-hydraulic drives and up to 60% compared to water-hydraulic drives. The PMSD drive is suitable for free-form presses, die presses as well as special presses (extrusion press). It can also be combined with an accumulator system (die extrusion press).

The core criteria of the PMSD drive:

  • Dynamic and special smoothness (shock-free).
  • Direct control of force, position and speed
  • Minimum number of hydraulic components on the press
  • Extended oil life
  • Highest availability, minimum maintenance
  • Energy saving

Our most powerful hydraulic unit to date

Based on the PMSD drive, we developed and supplied a 42-pump drive (RX 500), the world's most powerful hydraulic power pack. With an installed capacity of 30 MW, it drives a steel profile press in combination with a 150 MN preform press at Norheinco in China.