Most powerful and fastest open die forging press in the titanium industry

Forging of titanium and super alloys is very demanding. Baoti in China uses the world’s most powerful and fastest open die forging press in the titanium industry made by PAHNKE (80/100 MN press force, two columns, pull-down design). It’s PMSD drive, highly intelligent control systems and sophisticated design secure Baoti’s leading position.

Open die forging presses

Our scope of supply includes all presses and manipulators for the open-die forging industry, with modern hydraulic drives and electronic control systems for automatic and programmed working between 5 MN to 185 MN.

For the open die forging industry, we plan complete systems. We check and organize forging programs, select the required machines, calculate production time and costs, and provide economic viability calculations.

Especially our two-column pull-down open die presses are characterized by superior overview, accessibility and optimized space requirements in the factory hall, while at the same time offering maximum rigidity due to our special column design. This design principle also features smooth operation and superior dynamics due to short oil paths. Large guiding distances reduce maintenance needs and increase guiding accuracy.

Our innovative cylinder designs in combination with efficient tool change systems and other auxiliary equipment make our open-die forging presses highly flexible for forging a wide range of workpieces, sizes and materials as well as for various forging processes (upsetting, finishing, punching, etc.).


TV feature: 438 tons ingot open die forging

PAHNKE 185 MN hydraulic forging press at CITIC in China.