Process Control Systems

Wepuko Pahnke control systems are known worldwide for their precision and reliability. Since the first Pahnke presses, we have developed the electronic controls ourselves. With our decades of experience with the largest and fastest forging presses in the world, we can offer you our proven technologies and individual solutions for your requirements. With our technology we are able to control highly dynamic hydraulic systems precisely.


Our Standard

Operating modes especially adapted to the system, from manual to fully automatic, make the operation easier and accelerate your production processes. For the optimization of your plant, we offer you a real-time diagnostic system with reports especially adapted to your production.

Forging manipulators: Especially for manipulators, we have developed a process that ensures an optimal interaction between manipulator and the high forging speeds of our presses.

For high plant safety and minimal downtimes, we have developed a concept that combines the latest hardware and software standards and significantly reduces commissioning times. You have the possibility to control your entire plant centrally and always remain in control.

Industry 4.0 - a matter of course for us

We use Profinet and IO-Link because they are the perfect combination for the future.

Profinet devices have many new functionalities and diagnostic options.

IO-Link is a standardized interface that we use instead of analog devices. It enables fast installations, even in harsh environments, and fast commissioning and maintenance.

Access (remote maintenance) to even the smallest device (e.g. pressure sensor) via the Internet is possible.

Our predictive maintenance, i.e. servicing, depends on the current actual situation of the machine.

Smart sensors are able to predict their failure, so machine failures can be effectively reduced.

An energy consumption measurement for each motor can be implemented on customer request.

Our control systems - highly dynamic and efficient

We develop software and hardware solutions based on a security risk assessment. Our software is designed to work in real time to control pumps and machines precisely and quickly.

As a global supplier of "tailor-made" machines, we create the hardware, PLC and HMI software design of the control system for presses and pumps at our site in Metzingen.

For the engineering we use EPLAN P8. The programming is done in Siemens TIA V15 or V16 with a clear structure and modular design, including 20% space reserve for future requirements.

We use CPUs of the current Siemens S7-1500 series.

The user interface HMI (Human Machine Interface), which is necessary for the operation of the system, is of course available in several languages.

By default we offer a solution for the acquisition and collection of customer relevant data.

Our software is designed to work in real time to control pumps and machines precisely and quickly. The newly developed pump control system enables dynamic and exact control of pump deflection.

All our know-how is implemented in our software, which is an essential part of the machine design.

We focus on the implementation of your requirements and a comprehensive service.