The DP series

Our DP series pumps have a flow rate ranging from about 4 to 5000 l/min, pressures up to 1500 bar and a performance range of 5 to 1600 kW. Higher performances and special designs are available on request.

Water hydraulic drives for forging presses

For over 50 years, we have had both oil and water hydraulics in our product range. This differentiates us from most of our competitors. Our dualtrack strategy has long proven to be a great advantage - both for us and our customers.

What's special about water hydraulic drives for forging presses:

  • Extremely environmentally friendly
  • Water is not flammable
  • Water is practically unlimited in its availability and thus an affordable medium
  • Water drives continue to be widespread in the modernization of press plants

You can rely on it: our consulting is always system-neutral. We are focused only on your success. Only practice can determine which hydraulic variant is the best for you.