Contract signing in Russia

MMK and WEPUKO Pahnke signed the contract for the delivery of the descaling equipment

The Magnitogorsk Steel Works has signed a contract with the German company Wepuko Pahnke GmbH for the supply of two descaling lines for glue scale.

In 2019 the companies agreed to perform tests with application of the mobile descaling equipment Wepuko Pahnke in the section mills 170 and 370 MMK. The main objective of the tests was to achieve a high degree of descaling on new steel grades with high silicon and chromium content with so-called glue scale.

Adhesive descaling has been little researched, so the theoretical calculation leads either to a low degree of descaling or to high operating costs for its maintenance and high investments, so that MMK accepted Wepuko Pahnke's proposal to carry out experimental tests in his combine. During the test different types of nozzles were used, the angle of attack, water pressure and speed of the workpiece were changed. As a result, a high degree of descaling was obtained and the exact settings of the adhesive descaling were defined.

Based on the results, MMK signed a contract with Wepuko Pahnke GmbH in April 2020 for the supply of two descaling systems. The applied consideration of customer-specific problems enables MMK to reduce costs for the purchase of new descaling equipment by more than 30% and to significantly increase the quality of sectional steel.

Trade journal "Metal Supply and Sales", MMK July 21, 2020