Modernization of 60MN Open Die Forging Press at Ring Mill, Italy

RING MILL S.P.A located in Dubino, Italy was founded in 1978 and is one of the world's leading large forging companies. RING MILL manufactures large open die forgings on the 60 MN forging press as well as bar steel for toolmaking, general engineering, power engineering and is appreciated by its customers worldwide for highest quality products. Ingot weights up to max. 90t are used. In order to meet customer requirements regarding quality and adherence to delivery dates in an optimal and flexible way, RING MILL relies on a high level of process engineering know-how combined with high productivity and process reliability.

Wepuko Pahnke has recently received the order from RING MILL S.P.A. to modernize the hydraulic drive of the 60MN open-die forging press. The press currently operates with a water-hydraulic accumulator drive. The modernization has the following objectives:

  • Energy - and CO2savings through conversion to oil-hydraulic direct drive PMSD
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Use of state-of-the-art control technology and sensors for process monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Highest press speed by using 12 press pumps of the RX500 series
  • Optimization of energy consumption of the hydraulic auxiliaries

RING MILL will thus sustainably expand its competitiveness and is optimally positioned for the future. Commissioning of the modernized plant is scheduled for January 2022.

Industry 4.0 – by Wepuko Pahnke

We are Industry 4.0 – Ready

We assume by Industry 4.0:

• Profinet and IO link are perfect combination for the future. Profinet devices are having significant intelligence and diagnostic. IO link is a standard what we use instead of analog devices.

• Connection to each (even smallest device) over internet (remote maintenance).

• Predictive maintenance (maintenance according to the status of the machine). Smart sensors can report failure even before it is happened.




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Assembly of 60MN open-die forging press at Avic Shangda Superalloys, China begins

In June 2019 Wepuko Pahnke received an order to design and supply a 60MN high-performance open-die forging press. After punctual delivery of the components in the past months, the erection is now starting. Completion and acceptance of the plant is scheduled for April 2021.

Avic Shangda Superalloys was founded in 2007 and is located in Qinghe, Hebei province. The company specializes in the production of superalloys, corrosion resistant alloys, ultra high strength alloys and precision alloys.

The products are used in the aerospace, marine, oil & gas, chemical, nuclear power, electronics, gas turbines and general engineering industries.

The 60MN open-die forging press is equipped with the reliable PMSD drive and 16 highly efficient RX-500 radial piston pumps. With the installed drive power, it is the fastest open-die forging press ever built for forming of superalloys for the aerospace industry.

Contract signing in Russia

MMK and WEPUKO Pahnke signed the contract for the delivery of the descaling equipment

The Magnitogorsk Steel Works has signed a contract with the German company Wepuko Pahnke GmbH for the supply of two descaling lines for glue scale.

In 2019 the companies agreed to perform tests with application of the mobile descaling equipment Wepuko Pahnke in the section mills 170 and 370 MMK. The main objective of the tests was to achieve a high degree of descaling on new steel grades with high silicon and chromium content with so-called glue scale.

Adhesive descaling has been little researched, so the theoretical calculation leads either to a low degree of descaling or to high operating costs for its maintenance and high investments, so that MMK accepted Wepuko Pahnke's proposal to carry out experimental tests in his combine. During the test different types of nozzles were used, the angle of attack, water pressure and speed of the workpiece were changed. As a result, a high degree of descaling was obtained and the exact settings of the adhesive descaling were defined.

Based on the results, MMK signed a contract with Wepuko Pahnke GmbH in April 2020 for the supply of two descaling systems. The applied consideration of customer-specific problems enables MMK to reduce costs for the purchase of new descaling equipment by more than 30% and to significantly increase the quality of sectional steel.

Trade journal "Metal Supply and Sales", MMK July 21, 2020