Oil Hydraulics

The biggest advantages of hydraulic oil are its tremendous power density and the transfer of high forces, and this in a compact design and with high dynamics. Where the toughest conditions prevail and the same reliability and durability are demanded, this is exactly where Wepuko oil hydraulic pumps are used and where they prove their worth. And for good reason. Because the 80 years of expertise of the pump pioneer Wepuko “flows” into every one of our radial piston pumps. Our pumps with variable as well as constant flow rates are particularly in demand at pressures between 300 and 420 bar in normal conditions, and up to 1000 bar in special applications.

Of course, we not only supply individual pumps, but also provide solutions to the problems of our customers, in the form of small units or large hydraulic systems up to 30 MW of installed capacity.

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