For the highly dynamic forging presses, Wepuko PAHNKE develops state-of-the-art control systems using PROFINET and PROFISAFE technology. Based on hardware design and library functions, we are able to perform this phase efficiently.

Field level digitization

Our decentralized control concept in combination with I/O-LINK technology as well as SMARTER sensor technology we create a digitalization down to the lowest field level.


Your advantages:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Faster sensor change
  • Easy operation
  • Advanced settings
  • Besides general information - additional data such as pressure, level and temperature

Intelligent sensor technology for even more precision

Pressure monitoring
Limit operation and exceeding of the machine limits

  • Protection of the press structure.
  • Finding the cause of the fault.


Filter monitoring
Prediction of filter element saturation. 

  • Maximum service life of filter elements.
  • Increased machine availability.


Oil monitoring
Monitoring of the properties of the oil.  

  • Increased lifetime of the hydraulics
  • Reduces maintenance costs