Accepting challenges: New development and improvement for all industries

Almost every industry is continually looking for plant components that perform better and operate more safely while weighing less and taking up less space. We fulfil our customers' high expectations by constantly developing new pumps and improving our existing pumps. Get more information:

> Oil & gas
> Refineries and petrochemicals
> Power plants
> Further industries

Typical applications

In the oil & gas industry our high-pressure plunger pumps are typically used in the following applications:
> Well Service
> Produced water injection
> Fracking & well stimulation
> Gas dehydration

Oil & gas

Be it on a platform off the shores of Norway, in the icy tundra of Siberia or in the desert of the Persian Gulf, our pump units built into offshore and onshore units run 24 hours a day for nearly 365 days a year.

The oil and gas industry has to be about the most demanding industry on this type of equipment. All units have to withstand harsh conditions and must be designed for high availability. Unforeseen downtimes can cost a company enormously. Our customers are therefore looking for smooth production flow.

Sample pump skids

Pumping oil and gas also demands custom system designs developed specifically for each individual case. Standard requirements include optimum efficiency in as compact a design as possible, easy maintenance and excellent control dynamics.

Naturally, we work according to international standards and codes such as those of the API (American Petroleum Institute) and the Hydraulic Institute, as well as to customer specifications.

Refineries and petrochemicals

In the downstream sector, there are certain processes that are predestined for the use of high pressure pumps. For hydrocracking in the petrochemicals industry, Wepuko PAHNKE high pressure plunger pumps are a good choice for wash water pumps and feedwater pumps.

We pay particular attention to the requirements for use in hazardous areas and to API 674 / ISO 13710 compliant design.

Power plants

There is no second chance when it comes to safety – that is why Wepuko PAHNKE high-pressure pumps are built into nuclear power plants in Germany, China, India and Russia. The reliability of our pumps is greatly valued at these plants – for example as cooling or feed pumps for the mechanical seals of emergency pumps, or as boric acid injection pumps for the safety systems in pressurized-water reactors. Our quality assurance conforms to KTA 1401 and AVS D 100 / 50.

Our pumps are not only used in nuclear power plants, however: In conventional power plants, they are used as boiler feedwater pumps, while in solar power plants, our pumps serve as feedwater and recirculation pumps or condensate pumps. Operating temperatures in these applications reach up to 270 °C.

Further industries

Because our pumps are built to customer specifications, they can be used in many different industries.

Other industries in which our pumps are employed include the pharmaceutical industry, cryotechnology and the food industry, where they are used as feed pumps for liquid CO2, for example. This is used in extraction plants to obtain seasonings, aromas and other substances. Contact us!