The DP series

Our DP series pumps have a flow rate ranging from about 4 to 5000 l/min, pressures up to 1500 bar and a performance range of 5 to 1600 kW. Higher performances and special designs are available on request.

Pump units from a single source

Wepuko PAHNKE pump units are complete solutions for your special application. We construct pump units according to your purposes and specifications for directly integrating into the infrastructure of your system.

This picture is a typical pump unit for the oil and gas industry. Every unit is built out of a base frame, or skid, onto which all components are installed.

The heart of the unit is the Wepuko high pressure plunger pump, which is connected to the drive (motor/gears) via flexible couplings. The pump is integrated by the pipeline connections into the system. The fluid is fed through a suction pulsation dampener into the liquid head of the pump and pressed by the oscillating motion of the plunger through a pressure pulsation dampener into the pipeline on the pressure side.

Components such as forced oil lubrication, safety mechanisms and the monitoring and control electronics are also mounted on the skid, completing the unit. We offer various special paint coatings to suit the conditions at the application site.

High-pressure triplex plunger pumps

Three models for diverse applications: The DP family of Wepuko PAHNKE pumps are horizontal triplex plunger pumps. They can be configured for just about any pumpable liquid medium. Special materials for the fluid end and the plunger seal construction are selected to suit the medium. The fluid end is equipped with cooling, heating or flushing as required. A forced or wiper lubrication system is integrated as a standard to lubricate the drive parts of the machine.

> You can learn more about our DP series plunger pumps here.

Our pumps are used, for example, in chemical plants, in natural gas storage plants, in nuclear power plants, on drilling rigs, in the food industry, in boiler feed systems, hydrostatic lubrication for slide bearings, in high-pressure cleaning systems, for driving forging presses, in descaling systems and in press water systems.