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Descaling and saw cooling are just two examples in which we introduce the versatility of water as the working medium. At Wepuko PAHNKE we design and manufacture complete hydraulic systems and provide support throughout the entire process – from concept to commissioning.

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The scale, or the oxides on the surface, is blasted from the hot steel with a jet of water. Wherever heated steel is shaped, a descaling system increases the quality of the components. At the same time the wear in the forming equipment is minimized.

Our descaling systems are used locally and internationally. At Buderus in Wetzlar or Posco in Korea, for example. The reliability of our pumps that are used for descaling ensures the continuous operation of production lines. Wepuko PAHNKE is the brand of choice.

Descaling plants

Wepuko PAHNKE has been producing pumps for water hydraulic applications for over 87 years. In this context, Wepuko PAHNKE has also been active in the field of descaling systems. In this field, know-how has been acquired over many years, both in the construction of complete turnkey descaling systems and in the completion and optimisation of existing descaling technology.

Wepuko PAHNKE supplies complete descaling systems that are tailored precisely to the customer's requirements. Depending e.g. on the specified cycle times, descaling systems are generally available in two variants: as pressurised water systems or as direct descaling systems.

Wepuko PAHNKE technology proves its worth every day in the continuous operation of over 100 descaling systems worldwide.

Wepuko PAHNKE's team of experts combines German engineering skills with decades of practical experience, always looking at things from the user's perspective.

Europe as a technology location faces international competition driven by numerous factors that make cost-efficient production in the steel industry a real challenge.

In awareness of these aspects, Wepuko PAHNKE therefore relies on a combination of different technologies and flexible plant engineering to achieve the following goals:


  • Optimum descaling result –> improving product quality
  • Descaling in shortest time –> increased efficiency
  • Reduction of water consumption –> increased efficiency
  • Reduction of electricity costs –> increased efficiency
  • Descaling in one process step
  • Reduction of material loss –> direct cost saving
  • Reduction of follow-up costs in finishing –> clean solution without ambient pollution
  • Reduction of production time –> direct cost reduction


How is this achieved:

  • Conceptual and process support as a service
  • Many decades of expert knowledge in metallurgy/descaling technology
  • automatic monitoring of the descaling process
  • descaling tests possible with own mobile plant
  • application-specific handling technology
  • Sectional descaling possible
  • Intelligent pump control
  • Special nozzle system
  • Innovative piping system

Saw cooling

Wepuko PAHNKE supplies complete cleaning and cooling facilities for rolling mills in use; Hyundai in Korea is one of the companies where these are used. The quality of our products and the resulting high service life and cutting performance are essential factors in this regard. 

Rolling mills finish their products such as profiles, pipes or merchant steel in standard lengths. High reliability and consistent performance are required, as well as simple maintenance, to ensure continuous operation.

Pressurized water systems

From the steel to the plastics and wood industry. Our pumps are used in the pressurised water systems of different industry sectors. With a pressure range between 200 and 350 bar, fatigue resistant and durable, they are designed for three-shift operation.

We integrate some of our pumps directly into the corresponding systems. Our pressurized water pumps are also used in press drives.


Pressurised water systems

We supply pressurized water systems, which hold water and compressed air in great pressure vessels. The compressed air accumulates the energy and the water transfers the energy. The pressure accumulator is charged in the pauses between the operating cycles. 

Pressure accumulators are especially suitable for applications with long cycle times. This is where they are the most efficient solution that brings significant cost savings with it. 

Our pressure accumulators are used where energy is needed on short notice, for example in descaling and for driving hydraulic forging presses.

Industrial cleaning and deburring

Our pumps are cleaning and deburring at customers who, for example, manufacture motor housings from aluminium, making a significant contribution to the efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

Manufacturers such as INDA or Bosch put their trust in Wepuko PAHNKE pumps for their systems.

Cleaning and deburring take place in closed systems, which usually work in three shifts. The performance and reliability of the pump are therefore important, because pressure and the volume of water must be available around the clock.

Press drives

Our product range includes both water and oil hydraulics. As an experienced supplier and not bound to one system, we provide guaranteed application-oriented advice and find the best solution for our customers. 

Water is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and as hydraulic medium non-flammable. Our water-hydraulic pumps are proving themselves as press drives in all the relevant sectors and bring maximum performance in daily use to continuous operation processes.

Lubrication of hydrostatic bearings (Morgoil)

With more than 200 installations in all major companies worldwide, Wepuko PAHNKE pumps are used for the lubrication of hydrostatic bearings, for example at LY Steel in China.

This application places high demands on the performance and reliability of our pumps, because these bearings are lubricated at very high pressure – up to 1,500 bar. Our triplex plunger pumps press the lubricant in hot and cold rolling mills between the bearing surfaces, which require highest precision and running smoothness. This ensures the consistent quality of the rolled products.

Special applications

One specific application of our pumps is hydrostatic pressure tests. Water is pumped into a container or a pipe in order to test it for any cracks or leaks, or to verify strengths. 

Another field is in the cooling of tools. Milling heads and other tools are cooled with up to 600 bar. Our pumps are for example used at GKN Aerospace (formerly Volvo Aero), a Swedish manufacturer of aircraft engines and components for the aviation and aerospace industry.

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