The advantages of plunger pumps at a glance:

  • Robust design
  • Constantly displaced volumes, independent of the pressure
  • Cost-efficient due to high volumetric efficiency (up to 98%)


We use triplex plunger pumps in water hydraulics

Wepuko PAHNKE triplex plunger pumps are high-pressure horizontal plunger pumps in series. They can be designed for almost any pumpable medium. Three plungers are a good compromise between low pulsation and cost-efficient and maintenance-friendly design.

Our plunger pumps basically consist of two main components: the damped-mounted and lubricated drive and the liquid part, consisting of three cylinders and the valve body. The housing of the power unit is in one piece in these high-performance machines, a compact and inexpensive solution. Built-in pressure or wiper lubrication automatically supplies the engine parts with lubricating oil.

Plunger pumps

In the water hydraulics segment we supply pumps for descaling plants, press drives and other high-pressure applications. Whether individual pumps or complete customized units, we are always the right point of contact for all of your needs.

Special features of the Wepuko PAHNKE water-hydraulic pumps and pump units:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Optimized design
  • Extremely long service life
  • Well-suited for three-shift operation
  • Maintenance-friendly 

A conversion to water hydraulics is also an option in the modernization of plants. We will advise you gladly.

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Design features

At Wepuko PAHNKE we use the best materials. This is important to ensure quality and durability. In addition, our pumps are designed in a way that guarantees short downtimes and easy maintenance. 

The crankshaft is made of high-quality forged steel and the sliding bearing of the connecting rod is made of special bearing metals. The crossheads made of special alloys, slide into special precision-machined (honed) guides.

The piston-cylinder unit is a technically perfect product in terms of ease of maintenance, reliability and durability.The special design allows the piston-cylinder unit to be dismantled without removing the media-conducting lines: The pressure collection channel is situated inside the one-piece pump body, necessitating only a few pressure-loaded outer seals on the valve section. 

Pressure and suction valves can be dismantled without having to loosen media-conducting lines or remove the valve section.

The DP series

Our DP series pumps have a flow rate ranging from about 4 to 5000 l/min, pressures up to 1500 bar and a performance range of 5 to 1600 kW. Higher performances and special designs are available on request.

Reference customers

Alcoa | ArcelorMittal | Böhler Edelstahl | Bosch | Buderus Edelstahl | CSC | Danieli | Europipe | FOC Ciscato | GKN Aerospace | Hutmen | INDA | Kardemir | Klöckner Edelstahl | LY Steel | Pexco | Posco | Presswood | Saarstahl | Salzgitter Gruppe | Sandviken | Sanyo | SGGT | SMS Gruppe | Standard Steel | ThyssenKrupp | Vallourec & Mannesmann | Walzwerk Burg | Werzalit | and many more...

Wepuko inside!

Vendors, who use our pumps as part of the systems and skids that they  supply can be certain of one thing: Wherever Wepuko products are deployed quality and reliability are guaranteed. The technology of wepuko pumps is based on more than 80 years experience of pump design and manufacturing.

We have shown this expertise in co-operation with many partners including:

  • Ruhrpumpen / Thyssen Maschinenbau (RDP Pump series)
  • August Ahrendts
  • Werner & Pfleiderer
  • Berns Hydraulik
  • Sack
  • Ence