Technical data - RX series

Radial piston pumps with variable flow rate

Subject to change. More information and special designs on request.

 RX 160 RX 250 RX 360 RX 500
 Geometric volumecm³/Rev.3505057501015
 Geometric capacity at n = 1000 1/minl/min3505057501015
 Continuous Pressure according to DIN 24312bar350350350350
 Admissible working pressure for 50% displacementbar450450450450
 Maximum Pressure according to DIN 24312bar500500500500
 Lubrication oil flowl/min7101520
 Minimum control time from 0-100% strokems506590100
 External leakage at pa = 315 bar and 35 cStl/min30406080
 Maximum speed1/min1800150012001000
 Moment of inertiakgm²3,25,811,518,5


 All RX types
 Inlet pressure at low pressure connection P25-40 bar
 Inlet pressure at high pressure connection P15-450 bar
 Pressure liquidHydraulic oil HLP according to DIN 51524-2
 Pressure liquid viscosity50-100 cSt
 Allowable start viscosity at pe = 5 bar absolute500 cSt (ISO 68 recommendation at 40°C)
 Pressure liquid temperature10-60°C
 Purity class according to ISO 440619/16/13
 Drain flow pressure (casing pressure)free drain flow required
 Lubrication pressure≥ 3 bar


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