Our range of services

Energy efficiency and plant availability


Modernization water valve technology / accumulator systems for forging presses
The valve technology and water treatment of older battery systems usually do not correspond to the state of the art in (safety) technology and are characterized by low speed, high maintenance costs and low system availability.


We offer:

  • Modernization of the water valve technology with the aim of easier and cheaper maintenance as well as higher plant reliability (e.g. by omitting failure-prone filling valves)
  • Increased productivity through oil-hydraulic pilot system for faster valve switching times
  • Improvement of water quality to increase the service life of valves and pumps, e.g. through improved filtering and cooling.
  • for drop forging presses: omission of the complete water accumulator system incl. piston pumps due to our "DPU-PMSD concept". This considerably reduces maintenance and energy costs.
  • Implementation of the latest safety standards according to the Machinery Directive for valve technology (e.g. piston drop protection)
  • Conversion from water battery drive to PMSD oil direct drive with energy savings of approx. 40-50% for open-die forging presses (simultaneous reduction of maintenance costs)
  • Analysis of the profitability of the proposed measures as a basis for decision-making

Modernization of oil hydraulics in forging presses - Increasing plant efficiency and reliability

As proven specialists for energy-efficient and low-maintenance oil hydraulics for forging presses, we are well aware of the problems with existing older systems.


We offer:

  • Analysis of the maintenance requirements as well as suggestions for remedial measures including economic efficiency calculation
  • Integration of additional ultra-fine filtration - reduction of maintenance costs
  • Modification/optimization of hydraulics to increase speed/productivity
  • Analysis of the current energy consumption - elaboration of proposals for the targeted reduction of energy costs. Valveless direct pump drive (PMSD) saves approx. 20% energy.

Quality improvement, process safety and documentation


Customers are placing ever higher demands on the continuous documentation of the forging process. At the same time, there is a demand for increased efficiency in production, but this often fails due to insufficient and inaccurate production data.


We offer:

Modern sensor technology and evaluation software with extensive possibilities for continuous process analysis and process documentation. Disturbance variables can be detected and influenced in a targeted manner. 



  • Integration of additional sensors and cameras including evaluation software at existing plants for continuous and transparent process analysis and documentation.
  • FEM-based optimization of complex forging processes including heat treatment - in cooperation with our partner for complex simulations Fa. Transvalor, France.  

Increase in productivity

Increasing your competitiveness is one of our central concerns. Take advantage of our decades of experience in this area: in the field of forging presses to increase productivity:


  • Laser systems for efficient and fast positioning of workpieces during upsetting and punching operations
  • Improvement of the finishing speed in open die forging - Analysis of the actual situation including detailed measurements on site to derive possible improvement measures
  • Integration of auxiliary equipment such as tool change and preparation system


Wepuko PAHNKE has already performed numerous modernizations with great success for the users. For example: the modernization and expansion of the oil-hydraulic drive at a German forge. After modernization the result was a permanently higher availability of about 99% in regard to the hydraulic plant with a simultaneously lower energy consumption of 30%. In addition, a higher productivity was achieved by increasing the output of the plant.

Reference examples of modernizations

Even after decades our presses run reliably and without any break.