Presses currently in operation often have a service life of more than 30 years. Even if new presses are being built, an old press is rarely scrapped. However, the high standards required on the market can no longer be achieved with these old presses. This applies to both the products themselves and the production processes, documentation, and certifications.

A number of advantages could make modernization a sensible alternative:

  • Increase in the availability of the plant
  • Reduction of the non-productive times
  • Improvement of the machine parameters
  • Reduction of the operating costs
  • Reduction of the required workforce
  • Possibility of expanding the product range
  • Lower maintenance costs, better spare part availability


Wepuko PAHNKE has already performed numerous modernizations with great success for the users. For example: the modernization and expansion of the oil-hydraulic drive at a German forge. After modernization the result was a permanently higher availability of about 99% in regard to the hydraulic plant with a simultaneously lower energy consumption of 30%. In addition, a higher productivity was achieved by increasing the output of the plant.


With selective modernization measures adapted to each individual case, we increase the efficiency, operating safety and service life of the plants.

For hydraulic forging presses, increasing the pressure to achieve a higher press force can be implemented without a problem in many cases.

By replacing or modifying mechanical parts, more precise, low-maintenance guides can be installed or the service life of cylinder seals can be extended from less than 1 to up to 10 years.

A new, state-of-the-art electronic control system offers not only many varied possibilities for the precise setting of these control systems or for the recording of important operating or quality data, but also eliminates the problem of spare parts that are no longer available in this fast moving sector.

By installing remote-controlled tool clamping and changing devices or faster-moving tool tables, we achieve an acceleration of the forging processes.

The modernization or expansion of the handling units like forging manipulators or the addition of lifting and rotary tables for the faster handling of forgings can result in a considerable increase in output.

Creating and preserving value: modernization of plants

Whenever the acquisition of a new plant would not be cost-effective, modernization is a sensible alternative. With modern drives, control systems, and improvements in transportation, we convert unprofitable press plants into efficient ones.

We optimize the machines and plants in the periphery of forging presses, such as ovens, cranes, or tool conveyors.

Does modernization or a new acquisition make the best sense? In an intensive discussion, we analyze the actual condition of your plants and talk about your production objectives. Our experienced experts will tell you which measures are appropriate.

Referenzbeispiele von Modernisierungen

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