Unique: our product portfolio

The range of pumps includes triplex plunger pumps and radial piston pumps with variable and constant displacement. Wepuko PAHNKE also develops and builds units and systems according to customer specifications. Furthermore, the company offers complete descaling systems.

Who we work for

Our solutions can be found in the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, power plants, heavy industry, steel mills and many other applications. Customers include: Otto Fuchs and Citic Heavy Industries in the Hydraulic Forging Presses and Oil Hydraulics sectors, SMS Meer, Vallourec & Mannesmann, Robert Bosch and ArcelorMittal in the Water Hydraulics sector and Shell, Petrobras, Petronas, Statoil, Gaz de France and Hyundai Heavy Industries in the Process Pumps sector.

Wepuko PAHNKE today

Today, the company is managed by Tanja Pahnke and remains a strong innovator in its fields. The Wepuko PAHNKE group includes companies in the United States, China and Russia. Wepuko PAHNKE also has a global presence with representatives in more than 70 countries.

The largest hydraulic system in the world went into operation at Norheinco in China in 2009, and the world’s strongest open die forging press by PAHNKE went into operation in 2011 at Citic Heavy Industries in China. Both using a Wepuko PAHNKE PMSD drive.

Machine and plant construction with tradition

The company was founded in 1932 by Fritz Thumm in Metzingen, South-West Germany. One of the company’s many innovations was the introduction of large radial piston pumps with a very flexible control system and rapid flow direction reversal (1966).

After the takeover of Wepuko by the Pahnke family in 1996, the company was able to introduce the know-how of Hans-Joachim Pahnke, a pioneer in the field of open die forging presses. The outstanding innovations that Hans-Joachim Pahnke developed, include the first underfloor open die forging press featuring a two-pillar design (1956) and the PAHNKE Modified Sinusoidal Direct drive (PMSD drive) in 1975.


1932 Wepuko is founded in Metzingen by Fritz Thumm

1973 PAHNKE Engineering is founded in Düsseldorf by Hans-Joachim Pahnke, Fritz Thumm Jr. and Eric Koik

1996 Wepuko is taken over by the Pahnke family

2002 The products of the two companies are consolidated into one company

2011 Renamed to Wepuko PAHNKE

> For more information on the history of Wepuko PAHNKE see the Wepuko Chronicle and the PAHNKE Chronicle.

Wepuko PAHNKE at a glance

Wepuko PAHNKE is a German mechanical and systems engineering company, specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-pressure pumps and hydraulic forging presses, including their drives and controls. The company is a global leader in these fields.