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Located in the south of France in the famous Technopole Sophia Antipolis, TRANSVALOR was founded in 1984 and has developed the world's leading simulation software solutions dedicated to material forming. TRANSVALOR has strong roots in Research & Development and has always maintained a constant collaboration with scientific research together with the prestigious Mines ParisTech Engineering School and the Center for Material Deformation (CEMEF). Transvalor operates worldwide with a stable distribution network and a branch of Transvalor Americas in Chicago (IL). Transvalor serves more than 500 customers with a constant willingness to provide cost-effective software & services and to improve the competitiveness of its customers in the long term. By reducing tests & errors and eliminating product defects, Transvalor's solutions accelerate time to market and reduce engineering & production costs for companies that are working in the fields of forming, casting, injection molding, welding and other manufacturing operations.


Transvalor is the reference leader in the field of material forming simulation.



Our cooperation with Wepuko Pahnke:


In a joint approach to research expertise in the field of open-die forging, Wepuko Pahnke and Transvalor have joined forces to combine the aspect of 'process simulation' with a performance promise. Transvalor demonstrates the feasibility of a forging strategy advocated by Wepuko Pahnke and thus offers improved process control for the production of high-quality forged components, for example in the area of metallurgical control.



Transvalor International Simulation Days 2019

Isothermal forging on upgraded 60MN open-die forging press



Technology for Cryogenic Media and High-Pressure Gases

KRYTEM has been developing, building and selling machinery, apparatur, and systems for the industrial application of cryogenic media and technical gases since 1982. These include cryogenic piston pumps for all operating pressure ranges, vaporisers, gas heaters, cryogenic valves and equipment for special cryogenic applications.